Collections – Recovery, Litigation and the Courts

Courses that include this module:
Commercial Collections Specialist

Compromise and settlements is the next step after delinquencies and the collection process.  It is the bridge between in-house collections and the litigation process.  This learning module covers Payment Plans; Litigation; Discovery, Motions, and Trials; and Judgment Enforcement. After successful completion of this learning module the student should understand when to consider negotiating a payment plan with a delinquent customer, reasonable terms for a payment plan with a delinquent customer, the risks of negotiating a payment plan with a delinquent customer, what “going legal” means, what an attorney will consider when filing a lawsuit, what happens if there is a dispute in a lawsuit, a creditor’s responsibility to provide a witness and issues involved in enforcement of a judgment.

Speaker Bio:

Robert S. Bernstein is managing partner of Bernstein Law Firm, P.C.  He serves as counsel to commercial landlords, equipment lessors, bankruptcy trustees, creditors' committees, creditors, and reorganizing businesses in proceedings throughout Pennsylvania and the Middle Atlantic States, concentrating in the many facets of bankruptcy and commercial law.  Mr. Bernstein writes and lectures for local and national groups on matters of collection, bankruptcy, business law, and professional ethics and, for more than ten years, has been certified as both a creditors' rights and business bankruptcy specialist by the American Board of Certification.  Mr. Bernstein earned a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1976 and a J.D. from Duquesne University in1981.

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