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  • Commercial Collections Specialist ( 7 Modules)
    This Specialty Certificate will present and explain the concept of the cost of credit. More Info
  • Commercial Construction Credit Specialist ( 9 Modules)
    This Specialty Certificate is designed especially for commercial credit executives in the building and construction arena. More Info
  • Commercial Bankruptcy Credit Specialist ( 6 Modules)
    This Specialty Certificate will provide a broad overview of bankruptcy to familiarize the student with the different chapters of bankruptcy and the parties involved. More Info
  • Business Credit Principles ( 19 Modules)
    The eighth edition of Principles of Business Credit has been strategically organized within six concepts. More Info
  • Advanced Credit Policy ( 3 Modules)
    This is an advanced course in the analysis and formulation of credit policy, including policies regarding credit investigation, terms of sale, credit-granting, and credit limits. It is intended for experienced people (typically Directors of Credit or similar positions) who must make and enforce credit policy. It is not an introductory course. More Info
  • CBA Exam Review ( 3 Modules)
    CBA Exam Review Parts 1 through 3 More Info
  • Financial Statement Analysis I ( 6 Modules)
    This is an introductory course in financial (accounting) statements and their analysis. It reviews the basic financial statements, quality issues in using these statements, and the analysis of these statements for the purposes of making credit decisions. More Info
  • CBF Review ( 2 Modules)
    CBF Review Part 1 and 2 More Info
  • CCE Review ( 3 Modules)
    CCE Review Sessions 1 through 3 More Info
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