Welcome to the NACM Online Credit Learning Center.

You can browse the list of individual learning Modules and also the list of Courses - groups of Modules that when completed earn a certificate in that course.

You will need to log in, with your NACM website username and password, to order and view modules.

Once you are logged in, you can list all of the Modules that you have ordered and viewed, and the tests you have taken. You can also view Courses, and see which Modules you need to add to complete them, and print Certificates for Courses you have completed.

If you have a question about the educational content or requirements, contact: education_info@nacm.org or 1-800-955-8815. If you have a technical question or technical/equipment failure during viewing, contact: nacm@commpartners.com or call 1-877-488-2666.

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